Cell Wound Scratch Assay Service

Instruction manual

First Edition (Revised on April, 2016)

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Cell wound scratch experiment, a healing ability experiment, which is simple way to detect cell movement. The purpose of this experiment is to detect healing ability, namely migration ability or invasion ability.

Protocol& period

Period: 1~2 weeks


(1) Use a maker pen to draw three straight lines on the back of the 6-well plate.

(2) Take out cells in the logarithmic period and ensure that the concentration is 4×105 cells/ml. The 2mL cell fluid was inoculated into each hole of the 6-well plates. The cells are cultured overnight and are kept in a good condition.

(3) When cell healing rate comes up to 100%, abandon medium. Use a 20ul micro pipette tip to aim at the ruler, being perpendicular to the straight lines on the back of the  6-well plate, and put forth strength evenly to draw lines. The crossing point of line and bottom line is fixed observation point.

(4) After being scratched, take photos at 0h, 12h and 24h, measure scratch widths and calculate the average healing rate of each group.

Healing rate=(1-measure width/initial width)*100%

Provided by customer

1. Cell lines for assay or disposing (Our company can provide common used cell lines).

2. Drugs and experiment scheme for cell experiment.

Service results

1. Providing the experimental data and images.

2. Providing the test report.