Adenovirus Packaging Experiment Service

Instruction manual

First Edition (Revised on April, 2016)


By means of virosome as a gene vector, use the infectivity of virus, spontaneous infection of mammalian cells. Introducing target genes into mammalian cells, thus achieve excessive expression or interference of the target product. The adenovirus expression system employed an artificially modified Ad5 virus system, usually included one expression plasmid and one to more helper plasmids. It used 293 cells as hosts to breed viruses,by centrifugation ultrafiltration and other processes to prepare and enrich recombinant adenovirus particles, to complete the packaging process of adenovirus. Packaged recombinant virus infected cells, the target gene was free from the genome of the host cell and independent expression, could be realized the target protein expressed rapidly and high abundance. At the same time, avoid genetic mutations caused by genetic integration.


Project Contents

Experimental process


Determine the experiment scheme

1. Analyze the customer information

2. Determine the experiment scheme

One week

Acquire target gene

1. Obtain the PCR target gene fragment

2. Chemical synthetic gene

2-4 weeks

Construct vector

1. Construct vector

2. Extract plasmids and treated to remove endotoxin

2-3 weeks


1. Transfect the expressed plasmid and the helper plasmid into 293 cells

2. Cell culture

One week

Collect recombinant virus

1. Collect, concentrate, repack and preservate the recombinant viruses

2. Detect the recombinant viral titers

One week


1. Detailed information on the DNA sequences of target genes and their related fragments.

2. Clients' specific requirements. 


1. Experiment schemes. 

2. Gene clone positive plasmids.

3. The viral titers ranged greater than or equal to 1*1011~1*1013TU/ml  in the recombinant virus reservoir.