Primary Cells Customized Service

Instruction manual

First Edition (Revised on April, 2016)


Primary cells differ from immortalized cell lines by limited population doubling. Without genetic and chemical modifications, primary cells retain many of the important physiological properties of their origin tissue systems and closely mimic the in vivo conditions. They can be used as ideal models for or a vast variety of research, from fundamental cell biology and physiology, developmental biology, disease mechanisms, to drug screening and therapeutics development.

Service Process

1. Understand customer specific requirements;
2. Technical evaluation and quotation;
3. Primary cells isolation, culture and identification;
4. Provide the primary cells and report of the experiment.

Service Contents

Human primary cells4-6 weeks
Guinea pig and Rabbit primary cells3-4 weeks
Mouse and Rat primary cells3-4 weeks
Large animals primary cells4-8 weeks
Special primary cells6-8 weeks
Identification of primary cells - IF1 week

Sample requirements

Tissues: tissues of fresh preservation, and sent to our lab ASAP by dry ice.
Animals: experimental animal with a suitable transport cage, and sent to our laboratory.Note: Customers should transport the tissues or animals to us, and we also can supply animals in normal or modeled for diseases.

Service Results

Primary cells, 2x10^6 in flask or in vials;
         Special Media for the primary cells;
Experiment reports and images of cells and identification results.