Rabbit Model for Avascular Necrosis (AN)

Avascular Necrosis of femoral head;

  • Product No.DSI589Rb02
  • Organism SpeciesOryctolagus cuniculus (Rabbit) Same name, Different species.
  • Prototype SpeciesHuman
  • SourceSteroid-induced Avascular Necrosis of femur, SANFH
  • Model Animal StrainsBig ears white rabbit, healthy, male, weight 2.0-2.5kg.
  • Modeling GroupingRandomly divided into two group: Control group and Model group.
  • Modeling Period4-6 weeks
  • Modeling Method1. Animal grouping: Japanese male big ear rabbits were randomly divided into 2 groups: Control group and Model group.
    2. Animal modeling: After a week of adaptive feeding, start the modeling by Hexijing modeling method.
    Model group: Inject prednisolone acetate (8mg/kg) on the right gluteus muscle of the rabbit, twice a week for 6 weeks.
    Control group: Inject equal normal saline on the right gluteus muscle of the rabbit, twice a week for 6 weeks.
    Prophylactic injection of penicillin (80,000 units/kg) on the left gluteus muscle were provided to all animals, twice a week for 6 weeks.
  • ApplicationsDiesase model
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Model Evaluation

Model identification: After 6 weeks, take caput femoris and collect aorta abdominalis blood. Then kill rabbits in blank group and model group using air embolization method.
Blood specimen: Forbidden diet for 24 hours before sampling, collect aorta abdominalis blood under general anesthesia into a glass tube, refrigerate, centrifuge, remove upper serum into EP tube, save at -20℃.
Caput femoris specimen: After blood collection of abdominal aorta, take the right caput femoris in an aseptic condition. Dissect along the coronal plane and place in 4% paraformaldehyde, electron microscope fixation solution and liquid nitrogen in turn.
Observe appearance and quality of caput femoris, color and shape of arthrodial cartilage. Feel the hardness of the bone using a knife.

Pathological Results

Using HE staining, observe changes in form, structure and quantity of trabeculae, osteocyte, pulp cavity and hematopoietic cells under a light microscope to determine whether the model is successful or not.
Randomly select 10 fields under high power lens, count 50 bone lacuna in each field, calculate blank bone lacuna rate.
HE staining contains sampling, decalcification, embedding, slicing and staining.

Cytokines Level

1. Determine ALP in serum of each group by chemical colorimetry, determine TG by oxidase method according to the instructions.
2. Detect protein expression of p-ERK1, p-ERK2, p-JNK and p-P38 by Western blotting.

Statistical Analysis

SPSS software is used for statistical analysis, measurement data to mean ± standard deviation (x ±s), using t test and single factor analysis of variance for group comparison, P<0.05 indicates there was a significant difference, P<0.01 indicates there are very significant differences.



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