1. Human
Polyclonal Antibody to ATP Binding Cassette Transporter C4 (ABCC4)

PAD624Hu01 | Homo sapiens (Human)

ABC-C4; MRP4; MOATB; Canalicular Multispecific Organic Anion Transporter B; Multidrug Resistance-Associated Protein 4; Multi-specific organic anion transporter B
Polyclonal Antibody to Laminin Beta 2 (LAMb2)

PAC080Hu01 | Homo sapiens (Human)

LAM-B2; LAMS; Laminin S; Laminin B1s chain; S-laminin subunit beta
Polyclonal Antibody to Proprotein Convertase Subtilisin/Kexin Type 5 (PCSK5)

PAE185Hu01 | Homo sapiens (Human)

PC5; PC6; PC6A; SPC6; Subtilisin/kexin-like protease PC5; Proprotein convertase 5
Polyclonal Antibody to Tubulin Beta (TUBb)

PAB870Hu01 | Homo sapiens (Human)

Polyclonal Antibody to Paraoxonase 3 (PON3)

PAD178Hu01 | Homo sapiens (Human)

Serum paraoxonase/lactonase 3
Polyclonal Antibody to Matrix Metalloproteinase 3 (MMP3)

PAA101Hu01 | Homo sapiens (Human)

SL1; STMY; STMY1; STR1; Progelatinase; Stromelysin 1; Transin-1
Polyclonal Antibody to Ras GTPase Activating Protein 1 (RASA1)

PAB616Hu01 | Homo sapiens (Human)

Ras-GAP; RasGAP; CM-AVM; CMAVM; GAP; PKWS; RASA; P120GAP; RAS P21 Protein Activator 1; Capillary Malformation-Arteriovenous Malformation
Polyclonal Antibody to Cathepsin G (CTSG)

PAD993Hu01 | Homo sapiens (Human)

Polyclonal Antibody to Loricrin (LOR)

PAC568Hu01 | Homo sapiens (Human)

Polyclonal Antibody to Sex Determining Region Y (SRY)

PAG341Hu01 | Homo sapiens (Human)

TDF; TDY; Testis-Determining Factor
Protein A/G Purification Column

Product No.: IS006

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