Mouse Knockin Human Interleukin 3 (IL3)

MCGF; MULTI-CSF; MCSF; M-CSF; Multiple; Multilineage-Colony-Stimulating Factor; Hematopoietic Growth Factor; P-Cell Stimulating Factor; Mast-Cell Growth Factor



Magazine Citations
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Catalog No. Related products for research use of Homo sapiens (Human) Organism species Applications (RESEARCH USE ONLY!)
APA076Hu01 Active Interleukin 3 (IL3) Cell culture; Activity Assays.
RPA076Hu01 Recombinant Interleukin 3 (IL3) Positive Control; Immunogen; SDS-PAGE; WB.
PAA076Hu01 Polyclonal Antibody to Interleukin 3 (IL3) WB; IHC; ICC; IP.
MAA076Hu22 Monoclonal Antibody to Interleukin 3 (IL3) WB; IHC; ICC; IP.
SEA076Hu ELISA Kit for Interleukin 3 (IL3) Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for Antigen Detection.
IGA076Hu21 Mouse Knockin Human Interleukin 3 (IL3) Animal Experiments; Positive Control.