Collectin Of 43kDa (CL43)

Collectin of 43 kDa (CL-43) is a collectin protein that acts as an antigen recognition protein. When an agent, zymosan, was injected into the tunicate Styela plicata (causing inflammation), secretion of this collectin was tripled within 96 hours

Bovine collectin-43 (CL-43), the most recently disclosed member of the collectin group, has been characterized structurally at the protein level by a combination of mass spectrometry and protein sequencing. The molecular mass of reduced CL-43 was determined by the use of mass spectrometry to be 33.6plusmn 0.1 kDa. Furthermore, the mass spectrum showed the presence of a truncated version of the poly-peptide, which has also previously been shown by SDS/PAGE and N-terminal sequencing.N-terminal Edman degradation of peptides from a tryptic digestion of native CL-43 verified the published sequence derived from cDNA studies and partial protein sequencing

Organism species: Bos taurus; Bovine (Cattle)

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