Anti-Scl-70 Antibody (Anti-Scl70)


ATA; Anti-Topoisomerase I; Anti-Topo I; Anti-Topoisomerase I Antibody

Anti-Scl-70 Antibody (Anti-Scl70)

Anti Scl-70 is recognized as one of two major classes of autoantibodies in sclerosis. The antigen of Anti Scl-70 was recognized as topoisomerase I in 1986 with anti-centromere antibodies constituting the other class. ATA is associated with more severe disease.Type I topoisomerase cuts one strand of a DNA double helix, relaxation occurs, and then the cut strand is reannealed. For patients with PSS the duration of disease was significantly shorter in those with anti-Scl-70 antibodies than in those without, whereas the presence of anti-Scl-70 did not correlate with severity of disease. There was a correlation between the presence of anti-Scl-70 antibodies and the presence of antinuclear antibodies and the extent of cutaneous involvement  Anti-topoisomerase antibodies (ATA) are autoantibodies directed against topoisomerase and found in several diseases, most importantly scleroderma.

Organism species: Homo sapiens (Human)

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