1. Pan-species
Polyclonal Antibody to Vitamin C (VC)

PAA913Ge01 | Pan-species (General)

AA; L-Ascorbic Acid; Ascorbate
ELISA Kit for Arachidonic Acid (AA)

CEB098Ge | Pan-species (General)

Polyclonal Antibody to Quinolinic Acid (QA)

PAK552Ge01 | Pan-species (General)

QUIN; Pyridine-2,3-Dicarboxylic Acid
ELISA Kit for Estriol (E3)

CEA455Ge | Pan-species (General)

ELISA Kit for Noradrenaline (NE)

CEA907Ge | Pan-species (General)

NA; NAd; Norepinephrine; Norepi
Recombinant Ecotin (ECO)

RPX655Ge01 | Pan-species (General)

Monoclonal Antibody to Gastric Inhibitory Polypeptide (GIP)

MAA882Ge28 | Pan-species (General)

Incretin hormone; Glucose Dependent Insulinotropic Peptide
Monoclonal Antibody to Amylin

MAA812Ge28 | Pan-species (General)

IAPP; IAP; DAP; Islet Amyloid Polypeptide; Insulinoma Amyloid Polypeptide; Diabetes-associated peptide
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