1. Pan-species
ELISA Kit for Hydroxyproline (Hyp)

CEA621Ge | Pan-species (General)

(2S,4R)-4-Hydroxyproline; L-Hydroxyproline(C5H9O3N)
ELISA Kit for Thromboxane B2 (TXB2)

CEA877Ge | Pan-species (General)

ELISA Kit for 5-Methyltetrahydrofolate (5-Me-THF)

CEG818Ge | Pan-species (General)

5-Me-THFA; 5-Me-H4FA; 5-Me-THF; 5-Me-H4F; Levomefolic Acid; Metafolin; 5-Methyltetrahydrofolic Acid; L-Methylfolate
ELISA Kit for Acetylcarnitine (ALCAR)

CEO400Ge | Pan-species (General)

Instant ELISA Kit for Lipopolysaccharide (LPS)

IEB526Ge | Pan-species (General)

LOS; Lipoglycans; Lipooligosaccharide; Lipo-Oligosaccharide; Endotoxin
ELISA Kit for Aldosterone (ALD)

CEA911Ge | Pan-species (General)

ELISA Kit for Sphingosine-1-Phosphate (S1P)

CEG031Ge | Pan-species (General)

Polyclonal Antibody to Rhodamine B (RDB)

PAO062Ge01 | Pan-species (General)

Polyclonal Antibody to Noradrenaline (NE)

PAA907Ge01 | Pan-species (General)

NA; NAd; Norepinephrine; Norepi
Recombinant Envelope Protein (E)

RPX170Ge01 | Pan-species (General)

E Protein; Zika Virus Envelope glycoprotein
BCA Protein Quantification Kit

Product No.: IS003

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