1. Assay Kits
CLIA Kit for Interleukin 1 Beta (IL1b)

SCA563Mu | Mus musculus (Mouse)

IL1-B; IL1-Beta; IL1F2; IL-1β; Interleukin-1 Family Member 2; Catabolin
CLIA Kit for Tissue Factor (TF)

SCA524Hu | Homo sapiens (Human)

CD142; FIII; F3; TFA; Thromboplastin; Coagulation Factor III
CLIA Kit for Kidney Injury Molecule 1 (Kim1)

SCA785Hu | Homo sapiens (Human)

HAVCR1; TIM1; TIMD1; HAVCR; Hepatitis A Virus Cellular Receptor 1; T Cell Immunoglobulin And Mucin Domain-Containing Protein 1; T-cell immunoglobulin mucin receptor 1
CLIA Kit for Nerve Growth Factor (NGF)

SCA105Hu | Homo sapiens (Human)

NGFB; Beta-NGF; HSAN5; NGF-B; Beta-Nerve Growth Factor
CLIA Kit for Interleukin 24 (IL24)

SCC064Ra | Rattus norvegicus (Rat)

C49A; FISP; IL10B; MDA7; Mob-5; ST16; Mda-7; Melanoma Differentiation Association Protein 7; Suppression Of Tumorigenicity 16
CLIA Kit for Interleukin 20 (IL20)

SCC058Ra | Rattus norvegicus (Rat)

IL10D; IL10-D; ZCYTO10; Cytokine Zcyto10
CLIA Kit for High Mobility Group Protein 1 (HMG1)

SCA399Hu | Homo sapiens (Human)

HMGB1; HMG3; SBP1; Sulfoglucuronyl Carbohydrate Binding Protein; Amphoterin; High Mobility Group Box 1 Protein
CLIA Kit for Insulin Like Growth Factor Binding Protein 1 (IGFBP1)

SCA052Hu | Homo sapiens (Human)

IBP1; AFBP; IGF-BP25; PP12; Placental Protein 12; Amniotic Fluid Binding Protein; Alpha-Pregnancy-Associated Endometrial Globulin; Growth Hormone Independent-Binding Protein
CLIA Kit for Interleukin 33 (IL33)

SCB980Hu | Homo sapiens (Human)

DV27; C9ORF26; IL1F11; NFHEV; Interleukin-1 Family, Member 11; Nuclear factor from high endothelial venules
CLIA Kit for Anterior Gradient Protein 2 (AGR2)

SCC285Hu | Homo sapiens (Human)

GOB4; HAG2; XAG2; AG2; PDIA17; HPC8; Protein Disulfide Isomerase Family A,Member 17; Secreted cement gland protein XAG-2 homolog
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