Cloud-Clone Corp Attended ASCB/EMBO 2017 Annual Meeting 

Cloud-Clone Corp.

The ASCB/EMBO annual meeting was held on 2-5 December 2017 at the Pennsylvania Conference Center in Philadelphia, United States. As the world's largest ideological exchange and seminar in the world of cell biology, Cloud-Clone, together with 228 other exhibitors, participated in the exhibition. Global well-known biotechnology companies such as Bio-Rad, BD, Biolegend and CST have also participated in this meeting.

At the exhibition, Cloud-Clone showed CRO services, KO validation antibodies, Car-T series reagents and other new technology products. It also allows researchers to learn that Cloud-Clone can provide a variety of protein, antibody reagents, and protein, antibodies, and kit customization services. Nearly 1000 participants from biotech companies, research institutes, medical centers and universities visited the exhibition of Cloud-Clone, and thoroughly understood the products and services of Cloud-Clone.

Many visitors are very interested in the Cloud-Clone antibody, especially the custom service of mAb and pAb.

Some participants were also interested in the immunotherapy of CAR-T cells. As an enterprise based on molecular biology and immunology research and experimental development, Cloud-Clone left a deep impression on the participants.