DBA Italia s.r.l. visited Cloud-Clone Corp.

Cloud-Clone Corp.

April 24th, 2017, product manager of DBA Italia s.r.l. Dr. Stefania Battistella from Italy visited Cloud-Clone Corp.

Dr. Stefania visited USCN life science KIT INC. (USCNK) at No.33 ZhenHua Road fristly, showed a great interest in Smart Microplate Reader, Smart Microplate Washer and other intelligent equipments, meanwhile know more about experimental animal resources from USCN experimental animal INC. (USCNINC), had a deep discussion for the market of analysis equipments, non-standard equipments and animal experimental services with the European team of Cloud-Clone Corp.

Later, Dr Stefania had a visit at Cloud-Clone Corp that located in Export Processing Zone and visited Cloud-Clone’s Protein Center, Antibody Center, Preparation Center and Detection Center. During the visiting and conversation, we had a pleasant communication and discussion on the assay reagents market. She also provided many valuable suggestions for our further cooperation.