USCN attended the 11th CSBMB Membership Congress and the National Academic Conference in 2014.

Cloud-Clone Corp.
In Aug 21-23, Uscn Life Science Inc. attended the 11th Chinese Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Membership Congress and the National Academic Conference in 2014.
The theme of the conference fouces on dynamic biochemistry, which included the function and distribution of protein, drug screening, young scientist Forum, etc. This conference was held in the International Conference Center of Xiamen, it was a grand meeting for domestic researchers in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. About 1,500 elite researchers had participated in the conference. Also there were a lot of famous biological enterprises from home and abroad, such as GE, Thermo, Merck-Millipore, Abcam and so on.

Further, the representatives of Uscn Life Science Inc. had deep conversations on product research & development and customer demand with new and regular customers, also gained good reputation on the product quality and technology service from them. At the same time, we showed the advantages of USCN to science researchers, professors, graduates, such as the product feature, quality system and tech-support and so on.