Synthetic Polypeptides Customized Service

Instruction manual

First Edition (Revised on April, 2016)


Polypeptides are compounds, which are formed by amino acids connected with peptide bond, polypeptides are also intermediate products during proteolysis. Many active substances in organisms exist as polypeptide in vivo, directly or indirectly control various life processes, such as growth, development, immune regulation and metabolism, etc. Polypeptides are mainly prepared by synthesis in vitro, they are an important class of haptens which consist of small molecules (amino acids). Besides, they have important roles in functional analysis, antibody research, drug development and other fields. Cloud-Clone Crop., as a high-tech enterprise that focuses on medical research and experimental development, had established a scientific, rigorous, comprehensive technology service platform in terms of peptide synthesis and chemical small-molecule antigenicity modification. Cloud-Clone Corp. provides a series of services, including standard peptide synthesis, peptide conjugation, peptide modification, cosmetic peptide synthesis, peptide library construction, transformation of chemical small molecules, chemical small molecule conjugation and other peptide-related services.
Synthetic Polypeptides Customized ServiceBased on years of data analysis of peptide design, synthesis and post-processing, Cloud-Clone Crop. developed a set of polypeptide design processes, including comprehensive analysis through a plurality of specialized software and database information from the internet, to complete information analysis, peptide design and synthesis, quickly. Currently, Cloud-Clone Crop. has a comprehensive technology and equipment system, and a technical service group led by doctors, to provide customers with the most comprehensive and high-quality polypeptide services.

Service items and content

Service itemsMain processesDeliverablesScheduled time
Polypeptide DesignAccording to customers' requirements, peptides are designed by using Cloud-Clone’s self-developed system.
Features: high success rate of synthesis and immunization, high dissolubility.

1-2 days
Polypeptide Synthesis1. Select an optimal synthesis scheme according to customers' requirements.
2. Polypeptide synthesis
3. Polypeptide purification
1. Qc report of the peptide
2. Polypeptide
2-5 weeks
Polypeptide Conjugation1. Qc report of polypeptide conjugates
2. End-products of polypeptide conjugate
End-products of polypeptide conjugates1-2 weeks
Polypeptide Modification1. Choose suitable modification method
2. Polypeptide modification
3. Polypeptide purification
1. Qc report of polypeptide modification
2. End-products of polypeptide modification
1-2 weeks

Service features

1. Polypeptide design
2. Polypeptide synthesis
3. Polypeptide purification
4. Polypeptide conjugation
5. Polypeptide modification
6. Peptide library construction
1. The polypeptides design system was self-developed, it could be used to meet the needs of various polypeptides design
2. Various lengths or forms of polypeptides could be synthesized
3. Synthetic success rate ≥ 95%
4. Data of MS, HPLC and others are provided
5. Various of conjugation carriers and modification methods are provided
6. Packing end-products according to customers’ demands
7. All data and figures obtained during the experiments are provided