ELISA Kit for Battenin (BTS)

SEG772Hu | Homo sapiens (Human)

CLN3; JNCL; Batten disease protein; Ceroid-Lipofuscinosis,Neuronal 3,Juvenile; Batten,Spielmeyer-Vogt Disease; Juvenile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis
Monoclonal Antibody to Arginase (ARG)

MAB120Hu22 | Homo sapiens (Human)

ARG1; Arginase I; Liver Arginase
Polyclonal Antibody to X-Ray Repair Cross Complementing 6 (XRCC6)

PAA316Ra01 | Rattus norvegicus (Rat)

Ku70; CTC75; CTCBF; G22P1; ML8; TLAA; Lupus Ku Autoantigen Protein P70; ATP-Dependent DNA Helicase 2 Subunit 1; CTC box-binding factor 75 kDa; Thyroid-lupus autoantigen
ELISA Kit for Caspase 8 (CASP8)

SEA853Hu | Homo sapiens (Human)

CAP4; FLICE; MACH; MCH5; Cysteinyl Aspartate Specific Proteinases 8; Apoptotic cysteine protease; FADD-homologous ICE/ced-3-like protease; MORT1-associated ced-3 homolog
ELISA Kit for Notch Homolog 2 (NOTCH2)

SEL148Hu | Homo sapiens (Human)

AGS2; hN2; Neurogenic locus notch homolog protein 2
ELISA Kit for Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)

CEA830Po | Sus scrofa; Porcine (Pig)

ELISA Kit for Liver X Receptor Alpha (LXRa)

SEC044Hu | Homo sapiens (Human)

NR1-H3; LXR-A; LXRA; RLD-1; Nuclear Receptor Subfamily 1,Group H,Member 3; Oxysterols receptor LXR-alpha
Polyclonal Antibody to Metallothionein 1 (MT1)

PAB119Mu01 | Mus musculus (Mouse)

ELISA Kit for Large Multifunctional Peptidase 7 (LMP7)

SEB556Hu | Homo sapiens (Human)

PSMB8; RING10; PSMB5i, Beta5i; Proteasome(Prosome,Macropain)Subunit,Beta Type 8; Multicatalytic endopeptidase complex subunit C13; Really interesting new gene 10 protein
ELISA Kit for Luteinizing Hormone (LH)

CEA441Po | Sus scrofa; Porcine (Pig)

ICSH; Lutropin; Interstitial Cell Stimulating Hormone
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