1. Assay Kits
ELISA Kit for Growth Differentiation Factor 3 (GDF3)

SEC109Mu | Mus musculus (Mouse)

Vgr2; Vg-Related Gene 2
ELISA Kit for Discs, Large Homolog 4 (DLG4)

SEG168Mu | Mus musculus (Mouse)

PSD95; SAP90; Postsynaptic density protein 95; Synapse-associated protein 90
ELISA Kit for C-Type Lectin Domain Family 7, Member A (CLEC7A)

SEL353Mu | Mus musculus (Mouse)

BGR; CLECSF1; BGR; CANDF4; CLECSF12; DECTIN1; Beta-glucan receptor; C-type lectin superfamily member 12; Dendritic cell-associated C-type lectin 1
ELISA Kit for Doublecortin Like Kinase 1 (DCLK1)

SEF390Hu | Homo sapiens (Human)

DCDC3A; DCLK; DCAMKL1; Doublecortin And CaM Kinase-Like 1; Doublecortin domain-containing protein 3A; Doublecortin-like and CAM kinase-like 1
ELISA Kit for Formyl Peptide Receptor 1 (FPR1)

SEC948Hu | Homo sapiens (Human)

FMLP; FPR; fMet-Leu-Phe receptor; N-formylpeptide chemoattractant receptor
ELISA Kit for Complement Component 3 (C3)

SEA861Bo | Bos taurus; Bovine (Cattle)

ASP; CPAMD1; Complement Protein C3; C3 and PZP-like alpha-2-macroglobulin domain-containing protein 1; C3a anaphylatoxin; Acylation stimulating protein
ELISA Kit for Complement Factor B (CFB)

SEC011Ra | Rattus norvegicus (Rat)

CF-B; BF; BFD; CFAB; GBG; H2-Bf; PBF2; B-Factor; Properdin; Properdin factor B; C3/C5 convertase; Glycine-rich beta glycoprotein
ELISA Kit for Caspase 3 (CASP3)

SEA626Mu | Mus musculus (Mouse)

CPP32; CPP32B; SCA1; Apoptain; Yama; Apoptosis-Related Cysteine Peptidase; Cysteinyl Aspartate Specific Proteinases 3; SREBP cleavage activity 1
ELISA Kit for Thioredoxin (Trx)

SEA702Ra | Rattus norvegicus (Rat)

TXN; ADF; SASP; TRDX; TRX1; ATL-derived factor; Surface-associated sulphydryl protein
ELISA Kit for Antithrombin (AT)

SEC313Mu | Mus musculus (Mouse)

AT3; ATIII; SERPINC1; Anti-Thrombin Antibodies; Serpin Peptidase Inhibitor Clade C Member 1; Coding Sequence Signal Peptide Antithrombin Part 1
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