1. Antibodies
Polyclonal Antibody to Interleukin 17 (IL17)

PAA063Ca01 | Canis familiaris; Canine (Dog)

IL17A; CTLA8; IL-17A; Cytotoxic T-Lymphocyte-Associated Protein 8
Polyclonal Antibody to Lysozyme (LZM)

PAB193Hu01 | Homo sapiens (Human)

LYZ; Renal Amyloidosis; N-Acetylmuramide Glycanhydrolase; Muramidase; 1,4-beta-N-acetylmuramidase C
Polyclonal Antibody to Chemokine (C-X-C Motif) Ligand 2 (CXCL2)

PAB603Mu02 | Mus musculus (Mouse)

GROb; SCYB2; MIP2; GRO2; MIP2a; MGSAb; CINC2a; HSF; Macrophage inflammatory protein 2-alpha; Hematopoietic synergistic factor; Growth Regulated Oncogene Beta
Polyclonal Antibody to Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxykinase 1, Soluble (PCK1)

PAA936Mu01 | Mus musculus (Mouse)

PEPCK1; PEPCKC; Cytosolic Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxykinase; Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase, cytosolic [GTP]
Polyclonal Antibody to Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Like Orphan Receptor 1 (ROR1)

PAG522Mu01 | Mus musculus (Mouse)

NTRKR1; Tyrosine-protein kinase transmembrane receptor ROR1; Neurotrophic tyrosine kinase, receptor-related 1
Polyclonal Antibody to Transient Receptor Potential Cation Channel Subfamily V, Member 3 (TRPV3)

PAF848Hu01 | Homo sapiens (Human)

VRL3; Vanilloid receptor-like 3
Polyclonal Antibody to Cluster Of Differentiation 4 (CD4)

PAB167Mu01 | Mus musculus (Mouse)

CD4mut; p55; T-cell surface glycoprotein CD4; T-cell surface antigen T4/Leu-3
Polyclonal Antibody to Syndecan 1 (SDC1)

PAB966Bo01 | Bos taurus; Bovine (Cattle)

CD138; SDC; SYND1; Syndecan Proteoglycan 1
Polyclonal Antibody to Urocortin 2 (UCN2)

PAC585Hu01 | Homo sapiens (Human)

URP; SRP; UCN-II; UCNII; Stresscopin-Related Peptide; Urocortin-related peptide
Polyclonal Antibody to Vascular Cell Adhesion Molecule 1 (VCAM1)

PAA547Hu01 | Homo sapiens (Human)

CD106; INCAM-100; L1CAM
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