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Primer Pair for Interleukin 18 (IL18)

PGA064Ca01 | Canis familiaris; Canine (Dog)

IGIF; IL-1g; IL1F4; IL1-F4; Interferon-Gamma-Inducing Factor; Interleukin-1 Family Member 4; Iboctadekin; Interleukin-1 Gamma
Primer Pair for Macrophage Inflammatory Protein 3 Beta (MIP3b)

PGA096Ca01 | Canis familiaris; Canine (Dog)

CCL19; CKb11; ELC; MIP3-B; SCYA19; Chemokine C-C-Motif Ligand 19; Beta Chemokine Exodus-3; CK Beta-11; EBI1-Ligand Chemokine; Small Inducible Cytokine Subfamily A19
Primer Pair for Interleukin 12B (IL12B)

PGA058Ca01 | Canis familiaris; Canine (Dog)

p40; IL12-B; CLMF2; NKSF2; Natural Killer Cell Stimulatory Factor 2; Cytotoxic Lymphocyte Maturation Factor 2; Interleukin 23, P40 Subunit
Primer Pair for Cholecystokinin (CCK)

PGA802Ca01 | Canis familiaris; Canine (Dog)

Primer Pair for Macrophage Inflammatory Protein 1 Beta (MIP1b)

PGA093Ca01 | Canis familiaris; Canine (Dog)

CCL4; ACT2; G-26; LAG1; MIP1-B; SCYA4; Chemokine C-C-Motif Ligand 4; Small Inducible Cytokine A4; Homologous To Mouse Mip-1b
Primer Pair for Adiponectin (ADPN)

PGA605Ca01 | Canis familiaris; Canine (Dog)

GBP28; ApM1; AdipoQ; Acrp30; ACDC; APM1; C1Q And Collagen Domain Containing; Adipocyte Complement-Related Protein Of 30 KDa; Adipose Most Abundant Gene Transcript 1
Primer Pair for Growth Hormone (GH)

PGA044Ca01 | Canis familiaris; Canine (Dog)

GH1; GH-N; GHN; hGH-N; Somatotropin; Hygetropin; Jintropin; Kigtropin; Pituitary Growth Hormone; Growth Hormone, Normal
Primer Pair for Intercellular Adhesion Molecule 1 (ICAM1)

PGA548Ca01 | Canis familiaris; Canine (Dog)

CD54; BB2; P3.58; Human Rhinovirus Receptor; Major group rhinovirus receptor